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!Disclaimer!: Due to the Covid-19 impact some positions are not available, and others are more in demand.

Volunteer Program

By Volunteering, you become a part of the community.  Beyond just that, you are SERVING the community.  There is no better time than right now to come help communities in needs in the Los Angeles and Orange County area.  


Come help and  feed… clothe…. meet… speak with the local community.  


Help out a homeless shelter in order t provide service to a community who wants to be treated as human beings.

  • Services like handing out food during meal-times; or going through donated inventory so the residence know how to find what they need.  


  • Speak with them… share a friendly and needed conversation!


Many local food banks need all the help they can get in order to provide food to families in need. It’s very difficult to keep this demand up right now, and your services are needed during this difficult time.



FOA works with local organizations , community centers, and senior centers specializing to meet the needs of the community. 

What’s included?





  • Homestay Placement. FOA places you with a matching host family

  • They provides two meals a day during the week

  • Three meals on weekends as well as holidays.

  • Host family will help assist with transportation with either driving or teaching you how to use local bus transportation. 


Volunteer position

  • Volunteer placement will be made a local food banks 

  • Homeless shelter

  • Communities centers

  • Senior Centers

  • local events.


Scheduling and Counseling

  • Continuous scheduling for each week along with homestay

  • Volunteer position counseling.



How long can you participate?


  • You can choose to volunteer up to 8 weeks depending on the volunteer position. Some position can be short term while others require longer term commitment.


What are the prices for the program?

  • First select the length of the program you wish you participate in.


  • Airport Transfer $80/One way

  • Homestay Placement (Groups Less than 30)$280 

  • Preferred Partners only (Group Less than 30)$250 

Homestay Fees

  • Homestay fee (Double Placement)
    1. With in 5 Nights$45

  • Homestay fee (Singe Placement)
    2. With in 5 Nights$65

  • Homestay fee (Double Placement)
    3. 6 nights and more$40

  • Homestay fee (Single Placement)
    4. 6 nights and more$50

  • weekday Lunch Box
    (Prepared by Host Family)$5

Volunteer Fees

  • 1-week Volunteer Activity fee
    (placement and Weekly Counseling)$250

  • 2- week Volunteer Activity fee
    (placement and weekly Counseling)$300

  • 3- week Volunteer Activity fee
    (placement and weekly Counseling)$350

  • 4- week Volunteer Activity fee
    (placement and weekly Counseling)$400

  • 5-week Volunteer Activity fee
    (Placement and weekly Counseling)$450

  • 6-week Volunteer Activity fee
    (Placement and weekly Counseling)$500

  • 7-week Volunteer Activity fee
    (Placement and weekly Counseling)$550

  • 8-week Volunteer Activity fee
    (Placement and weekly Counseling)$600


What is included in the prices?

  1. Orientation (Orientation for Homestay and Volunteer position)

  2. Homestay placement (Placements will be made to fit both Student and Family’s preferences)

  3. Volunteer placement (Placement will be based on length of stay along with preferences and skills)

  4. Continuous weekly scheduling and counseling (Each week scheduling will be set but will be maintain with any needed scheduling alternation


Not included

  1. Travel Insurance

  2. Airline Fee

  3. Local Bus Passes



How do you Apply?


You can also contact us directly





Let us know which program you are interested in joining!  Make sure you mention "Volunteer Program."


We will send you an application form to fill out, with your details and start date preferences. and once we receive your application form , we will send you an invoice with payment instructions.


You can also contact a local travel agency to help assist you with travel arrangements and insurance.  Just be sure to include our program with your inquiry with your agent.   We can always try refer an agent we work with to you as well if you need further assistance.

Volunteers Serving Food
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